Day 4



0.03 Six biscuits

0.08 Bread
0.04 Hagelslag
0.12 30g cereal
0.05 50g yoghurt
Total: 0.29
0.16 Two slices of bread
0.10 Cream cheese
Total: 0.26
0.04 Eight biscuits


0.01 Two biscuit

TOTAL: €1.23
Experience: I am becoming much better at calculating and weighing now! Today I was quite hungry as I had
a busy day and we decided to try and save up 60 cents for dinner. We organised a bring and share
dinner with our floor which was really nice! People were supposed to bring food with portions of
0.60 but I think many found that very difficult!

0.095 Rice (ground to make pancakes)
0.04 Tea
0.02 Milk for pancakes
0.04 40g frozen fruit
Total: 0.195
0.16 185g Baked beans
0.06 Two small slices of bread
0.04 Cup of tea
Total: 0.26
0.04 Tea

0.16 Broccoli stalk 90g
0.12 Carrot 125g
0.13 Rice 131.5g
0.19 Egg
Total: 60 cents

0.155 Yoghurt and nice muesli 🙂

TOTAL = €125
Experience: Today was a good day! I experimented with making rice flour pancakes (ground some rice, added milk and water) and they actually turned out pretty nice! Got loads out of the mixture and they really filled me up. This was a very cheap way to have breakfast which meant I could save 60 cents for the floor dinner. It was really nice eating with others and we had a good natter.

I feel guilty that we can just say ‘one more day to go’ when 1.2 billion people in the world have no choice, but I honestly believe that even these £200 that we’ve raised so far will help to make that little bit of a difference. The UK government is currently doubling all donations for Send a Cow up to a total of £5 million. As little as £7 buys a family a chicken, £30 doubled by the government supports a child for a whole year and £50 doubled by the government provides 4 children with milk for a year. Thank you to everyone who has supported this fantastic cause so far.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 00.06.37



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