Day 3

Pesto pasta with broccoli and carrot!

Pesto pasta with broccoli and carrot!

0.08 Slice of Bread
0.24 Yoghurt and Cereal like yesterday but a few grams more 46g cereal
Total: 0.32

0.01 Two Biscuits

0.16 Slice of bread
0.01 Butter
0.04 Chocolate sprinkles (10g)
0.05 Cream cheese
0.02 Two rice pancakes left from yesterday
Total: 0.28

0.03 Six Biscuits

0.12 cents pasta for 120g of pasta
0.05 cents pesto 5g
0.01 cents cheese
0.11 cents peas 50g
0.06 cents chorizo 6g
0.09 cents broccoli 50g
Total: 0.50

TOTAL: €1.14 (11 left – that’s 22 biscuits!)

Experience: Today was an even better day. I wasn’t as hungry as yesterday and I still have 11 cents left! I would be able to eat 22 biscuits from that! I think I will have some yoghurt with some crushed biscuits and some cinnamon. I am really content how it’s going now although Victoria and I were really craving frankfurters (knakworstjes) today and we have been planning the food that we want to eat after this week is over.. I am starting to realise that we are really lucky that we are not living under the poverty line and that we are able to eat what we want, whenever we want!

0.28 Cornflakes
0.04 Tea
Total: 0.32

0.06 Two small slices of bread
0.02 Marmite
0.19 Egg
0.04 Tea
0.87 75g Yoghurt and 6g cereal
Total: 0.39

0.02 Two rice pancakes left from yesterday
0.04 Tea
Total: 0.06

0.08 Pasta115g
0.05 Pesto 5g
0.01 Cheese
0.11 Peas 50 g
0.13 Broccoli 75g
Total: 0.38

TOTAL: €1.15 Might have some yoghurt later 🙂

Experience: Woke up feeling quite heavy from the amount of carbs yesterday, but I suppose that’s better than feeling hungry. After a nice cup of PG tips I treated myself to cornflakes (2 cents more expensive than an egg on toast). I also treated myself to marmite (on toast with a poached egg) for lunch and had three cups of tea today! I feel unhealthy though and am excited to get back to normal. I’m also pretty tired, but only two more days so not too bad! I honestly can’t imagine the people that have to live on this little every single day. It really makes you think. We had a big donation today which brings our total to £180 (219 euros!) which has motivated me even more! Here’s the link to our fundraising page:


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