Day 2

Filling rice patties (squished rice popped in a pan) with egg and lots of carrots for our supper!

Filling rice patties (squished rice popped in a pan) with egg and lots of carrots for our supper!


2 slices bread and an egg and a cup of tea: 0.30

1/4 carrot: 0.025
1 slice of bread and yoghurt – 0.09 cents

100 grams of pasta is 0.07 cents
pesto and cheese – 0.05 cents
half bowl of soup is 0.125 cents

150g rice each 0.14
1 egg each – 0.19
1.5 carrots each – 0.14

TOTAL: €1.13 (Still have 0.12 left over!) 

Experience: Definitely needed to eat more calories today and still felt hungry from yesterday, so I actually ended up eating so many carbs. It’s a shame veg is so expensive. I also made sure to eat more protein today (2 eggs). I haven’t quite finished supper and still have 12 cents left over so might treat myself to some yoghurt later 🙂 All in all it was a good day and i’m not as tired as yesterday. What i’m confused about though is how much I’m actually eating – I normally never eat so many carbs and I’m fine! I guess vegetables fill you up though…Can’t wait to tuck into some kale on Saturday 😉



0.24 Bread 3 slices
0.15 Cream cheese 3 portions
Total: 0.39

0.06 Yoghurt (70g)
0.16 Cereal (40g)
Total: 0.22

0.10 Pasta (100g)
0.07 Pesto (7g)
0.01 Cheese
Total: 0.18

0.01 Two cookies

0.12 126g rice
0.19 An egg
0.14 1.5 carrots

TOTAL: €1.25

Experience: Today went better than yesterday but I made another calculation mistake.. Luckily I could solve it in the end but I feel very stupid. I did eat enough today and loads more than yesterday which was good, but I did feel bit hungry. Luckily my tummy is satisfied now! My goal for tomorrow is to make NO mistakes and to keep around 47-50 cents for dinner. Lets see if I can!



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