Live Below the Line

This year I’m taking part in Live Below the Line, i.e. living below the poverty line and spending €1.25 on food and drink each day.

I’m doing it with a friend and we’re raising money for ‘Send a Cow’, a charity based in Bath who work with families in Africa to provide livestock and training in natural organic farming practices alongside courses in gender equality and conflict resolution.

Each day i’ll be posting what we ate and how we felt.

To read more and donate, please go to:

First of all I wanted to work out how much a typical evening meal costs for me. I usually eat meat twice a week, fish once of twice a week and vegetarian the rest of the time. It works out to be about €4 – €6 (including fruit and yoghurt for pudding). I will need to seriously cut down – i’ve worked everything out and I should have about €0.50 left for dinner… Below is a photo of a typical evening meal – spiced cod with lots of veggies and baby potatoes.

Fish and veg - going to miss this!

Fish and veg – going to miss this!

I’m looking forward to the challenge though! And everything will of course be gluten free, and sugar free too!


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