Hello world!

Jumped out of bed, threw open the curtains, and gazed in awe. The perfect start to a perfect day!

Whilst sitting in Fortnum and Mason’s earlier today, Mum suggested quite out of the blue that perhaps I should start a blog. We were sipping beautiful English Breakfast tea and eating our First Full English Breakfast in ages. In fact, I can’t actually remember the last time I had a breakfast like this. I think that quite a few foreign people imagine the English frying up their bacon and sausages everyday, and when I told my friends the other day about Black Pudding, they couldn’t believe that anyone could ever eat such a thing. (I don’t actually like it myself, but not the point).

In Anthropology a few weeks ago, we were talking about the way in which we label things. For example, why do we call a sheep a sheep? Shouldn’t we call it by the noise it makes or what it does? Is it wrong to label people black and white? How about disabilities? When describing someone, should we leave out their skin colour or the fact that their missing a limb? How about people’s weight? I would say no. No way in fact. However, I would be calling myself a hypocrite. I’m Gluten-Free. And I absolutely hate it when I am labelled as that. When I am labelled as being different to others, to being abnormal, or to just being fussy. I am the least fussy eater you will ever meet – I love food (My favourite time of the day in fact… ahem.) I do not want to be reminded of the fact that I can’t eat something, or that I’m difficult. I have recently been studying Dutch at a friend’s, and she will not eat anything that I cannot eat. For example, she got out a Kinder Bueno the other day – an old favourite of mine. I couldn’t stand the fact that she wouldn’t eat it just because I was there. I didn’t even feel like having chocolate anyway. I imagine that people who are missing their leg or have an illness, also do not want to be reminded of this. I imagine that they don’t want people asking questions, and I bet that they just want to be treated normally. So maybe we shouldn’t label people. Maybe they take it personally, maybe they can’t help it. I don’t know.. All I know is that when I walk into a cafe or restaurant, I should not have to explain what Gluten is, and I should be able to eat just as well as anyone else. It’s like saying to a disabled person: “Sorry, you can’t come and eat here as we don’t have a lift”. Stupid. There should be more lifts in the world.

I am going to write a blog. I am going to tell the world what I think, and also share some silly stories of my life along the way, including reviews of restaurants and how they’ve handled the GF situation. This is going to sound like such a cliché, but I have a dream. I have a dream to make the world a better place, and whilst I’m at it make Gluten an everyday, well-known word. It’s not abnormal, and I’m not being fussy. I’m just darn hungry.


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